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NEW: Internet Radio Automation Software

Do you have great programs, but no capacity for radio programming?
Leave it to Media Airport Radio-Automation!

And this is unique:

Choose the perfect plan

No matter which payment method you choose, with Media Airport Radio-Automation you always get the full range of functions.

from 1,495 €

per month - full service

from 999 €

per month - full service
with annual billing

All prices are net, plus 19% VAT.

The features in detail.

Design your radio program from anywhere with just a few clicks

The Media Airport Internet Radio Automation software is super easy to use and does the thinking for you –even into the future.
Categorize your broadcasts by topic and create your broadcast scheme by drag and drop. From then on, everything runs automatically and you can present the program to your listeners 14 days in advance on your website, your app, or wherever a JSON file can be integrated.
And best of all, you don’t need to install any software – just log in via the Internet and access your program from anywhere in the world.

Fully automatic - our advertising tool is the bomb!

For each advertising window, Media Airport Radio-Automation calculates how many and which advertisements from a pool fit between 2 broadcasts. No more cut-off advertisements from now on! And if you only want one advertisement after a particular broadcast – this is no problem either.

Your Station ID, or do you have several?

Simply place station IDs or program announcers in front of your shows. Our radio player software allows you to flexibly place one or more station IDs or program announcers, either randomly or specially selected, to draw even more attention to your station and your programs. So your listeners always know which Internet stream they are listening to.

Show people your program - it looks like programmed by hand.

Wow – this is the feedback we usually get on this function. Just imagine: your program runs fully automated, and your listeners today already know which program will be running next week at 6pm – isn’t that phenomenal? You take care of providing first-class program content, while Media Airport Radio automation serves your listeners.

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No breaks - No interruption - Live On Air

Incongruous interval music was yesterday. Today you can use Media Airport Radio Automation to determine exactly what kind of music you want to play for which program to bridge the time until the next broadcast. Before the next broadcast, the music fades out gently and the next program can begin.

See what happened with just one click.

The phone rings and an enthusiastic listener wants to know what was going on this morning at 9 am? No problem with Media Airport Radio automation! With one click you can open the log file, which tells you to the second about the start and duration of every program, as well as the commercials played and the music. So you won’t miss anything anymore.

Everything runs with Icecast - but this does not always have to be the case

You want to use another streaming media provider because you have already had good experiences with it? No problem, just talk to us. But we also offer complete solutions including streaming and Media Airport Radio Automation, from just €99 per month!

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The Media Airport Internet Radio-Automation is international and multilingual!

In principle, Media Airport Radio Automation is already available in German, English, Spanish, French and Italian. Would you like to be able to use it in other languages? We would like to make Media Airport Radio-Automation available around the globe – so please contact us.

Internet streaming for Web radio stations in MP3 format

The program preview on your website works via meta tags, which you write directly into your audio files in MP3 format. These are read by the Internet Radio Automation software and can be played back as well as outputted for the weekly program. This means you only need to tag each file once, then it is ready for internet streaming for your radio station on the internet. The software was developed for Icecast, but if you work with Shoutcast that’s not a problem, just talk to us. Although we can also provide you with an Icecast service. Even if you don’t work with MP3, please contact us to find out which formats you need for your internet streaming.

The history of our Internet Radio Automation Software

We were looking for a radio player for a small web radio. “It can’t be all that difficult,” we thought. So we thought about points that seemed obvious to us.

It needs to be able to play programs automatically, in sequence and randomly. It should be able to intelligently attach advertisements to the program cutting them off. We wanted to have a program preview for one week, and of course a good logfile, so we could always see exactly what was played, and when. And we wanted to be able to access our program at any time and from anywhere.

So we looked at all the solutions from mAirList, Sam Brodcaster, Radio Boss to Mixxx and DRS 2006, and many more besides. But none of them did what we took for granted. So we got directly in touch with one programmer team after the other, and finally the 4th attempt produced solutions for the supposedly impossible – and it works, and a lot of people are excited about it – but none more than us!

Don’t miss out – give it a try and see how incredibly easy transmitter programming can be. And do you know what speaks most for the Media Airport Internet Radio automation software? Our customers hardly ever call. It runs – by itself.

So don’t hesitate, ask for a test system, we look forward to inspiring you too!

>> Request now and test fully functional radio system

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